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red rabbit rotating menu

Our options will rotate every week to give you the freshest ingredients at the best prices.

Check our social media for any menu announcements or rotating specials.

Rotating Vegan Options

Vegan Style Tonkatsu

Vegetable Dashi, Oatmilk, Shoyu Tare, Corn, Green Onions, Menma, Sesame Seeds, Spinach, & Garlic Chips,

Vegan Tan Tan Men

Vegetable Dashi, Oatmilk, Spicy Tan Tan Tare, Spinach, Sesame Seeds, Seasoned Impossible Ground Pork, & Chili oil

Rotating Meat Options

Miso Ramen

Pork/Chicken Broth, Miso, Chasu, Corn, Green Onion, Menma, Soy Egg & a Pat of Butter

Kimchi Ramen

Pork/Chicken Broth, Miso Blend, Gochujang, Chasu, Soy Egg, Corn, & Green Onions


Chicken Yakitori

Whole Chicken broken down to individual components, skewered and grilled.   Finished in a special Yakitori Tare or salts based on cut of meat.

Vegetable Yakitori

Rotating vegetables skewered and grilled and seasoned with  special Tare or salts depending on the vegetable. 

Vegan Kimchi Ramen

Vegetable Dashi, Oatmilk, Miso Blend, Kimchi,  Gochujang, Corn, Menma, Green Onions, 

Tan Tan Men

Pork/Chicken Broth, Spicy Tan Tan Tare, Seasoned Ground Pork, Green Onions, Bean Sprouts, & Chili Oil.

Note: Due to size constraints of the yatai cart, we will only serve vegan or meat options depending on the day.   Check out our social media to see what's on today's menu!

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